Creating endless possibilities for the community

Power OffGrid provides engineering services to energy, productive sectors and capacity building in a wide range of industries all around Somalia.

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  • Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Project and Deliverables
  • Pre-Planning
  • Procurement and Logistical Planning
  • Engineering and Design Values

We specialize in designing, engineering, procurement, and construction solutions in energy infrastructures, from portable to static solar home systems, community solar water pumps, mini-grids, biogas electrification, water and electricity utility, and bespoke financing mechanisms. This integrated approach—providing the design, finance, installation, and service is key to successfully scaling off-grid renewable clean energy in Jowhar, Somalia.

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Our engineering and consulting services focus on:

  • Keeping the project cost-effective and within the budget
  • Retaining the excellence of the project during the pre-construction planning, engineering, procurements, execution, implementation, and delivery phases
  • Delivering the project on time
  • Quality planning and implementation of the type of project
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Services We Offer

Smart Utility

We support industrial companies and organizations through engineering, procurement, and construction consulting related to Power Transmission. We operate in Somalia and continue to expand our areas served to other parts in Africa as much as possible. Our goal is to contribute to large-scale projects that drive growth and development of Somalia.

Productive Sector

The Power OffGrid solution for commercial customers is to reduce energy cost and dependence on expensive and unreliable utility services. We deploy smart BioGrid, MiniGrid, and WindGrid hybrid technologies. Our services come with value-added renewable energy functionality to provide affordable clean energy to residential and business customers, including the “agri-food chain.”

Govt. & Int. Org.

Power OffGrid works with state and federal governments in Somalia to develop renewable energy policies, bridging the gap between NGOs and governments through private-public partnerships (P3) to achieve UN sustainable development goals, improving and enhancing energy infrastructure investment prioritization and aligning with national development plans.

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