Power OffGrid team uses trusted technology providers and have a significant design, installation, and operational experience within the energy sector.

Our team has significant experience, understands the required procedures, and has the logistical capacity to ensure timely delivery of projects. Power OffGrid team provides program management oversight throughout the process and collaborates with the clients including providing agreements and streamlining the project implementation process.

Ahmadey Abdullahi

Ahmadey Abdullahi Solar and Agriculture Service Technician

Ahmadey joined Power OffGrid as an intern, went through our hands-on practical electric and solar training. He has gained tremendous experience installing solar and electric work, customer relations In rural areas. He has more than 3 years’ experience in rural electrification.

Ali Abukar

Ali Abukar Senior Electric Utility and Power Generation Engineer

Ali has more than 8 years’ experience powering major towns in Somalia such as Jowhar and part of Mogadishu. His wide experience includes power distribution overhead and underground distribution lines from 4kV to 400kV, including engineering and design of overhead, and utility infrastructure replacement projects, and underground conduit distribution design work.

Abdi Bare

Abdi Bare Co-Founder and Chief Operation Officer

Abdi is a well-known community leader and former owner of an electric utility service provider who served more than 2000 households in Jowhar, Somalia. Abdi has a degree in Bachelor in Business and Management, he is a hands-on Practioner for electric and solar works. He has more than 10 years’ experience in energy and agriculture value and supply chain.

Suad Abdullahi

Suad Abdullahi Finance and Compliance Manager

Suad has more than 10 years’ experience as an accountant, finance auditor and human resources manager in NGO and government sector.

Hassan Garasow

Hassan Garasow Senior Solar and Cold Chain Tech

Hassan started working with Power OffGrid 3 years ago, installed major solar and electric works, he has more than 10 years’ experience in cold chain and now owns his own cold chain company that provides services to rural areas.

Abdi Salaam

Abdi Salaam Product Builder and Innovator

Abdi is product builder & renewable energy innovation lead; he has a keen interest in IoT & machine learning. He built drones, biogas mock-up models, and electrical scheme proto-type.

Waithira Gichiri

Waithira Gichiri

After completing her Bachelor’s in Communication and Public Relations at Moi University, Kenya, Waithira worked for a Kenyan organization, that involved country-wide travels. She witnessed the harsh reality, that not all have access to the basic facilities, readily available in urban areas such as Nairobi where she grew up.Education, clean water, energy access, infrastructure, income opportunities, food security seemed to be an unimaginable reality to some. To this she wondered “how can such communities use what they have such as the abundant sun and gashing winds, to get what they do not have i.e. opportunities to lead a quality life”. This saw Waithira advance her studies in pursuit for answers, acquiring a Master’s in Sustainability, Society and the Environment from Kiel University, Germany and committing her knowledge and skills through research to provide actionable answers that she hopes will see such communities lead a dignified life.

Jaffar Ahmed

Jaffar Ahmed Smart Power Grid Consultant

Jaffar has BEng. in Electrical Engineering and MSc in Power Systems from Sheffield University, UK; he has over 18 years of experience in the power sector and worked for all stakeholders in Somalia including; national and international institutions, utility companies, Small and medium renewable energy companies, and academies. Trained a team for Electrical and solar installations and developed a training manual. Designed, installed, and/or supervised 5kW to 1,000kW solar PV projects.