The project will scale a sustainable business model for the design, financing, installation and servicing of bespoke renewable energy solar home solutions for nomadic, rural, peri-urban and urban customers in Somalia, to 16,000 households.

Key to providing energy access solutions for one of the world’s least developed energy sectors and dispersed market places is offering a complete package, one that blends tailored financing options, technical expertise, quality products, rigorous customer, partner technical training and an extensive distribution network. The service Power OffGrid is scaling provides exactly this, through a constant and quality power source, appropriate and affordable financing solutions, particularly Goat4kWh and PayGoat, and first-class O&M and after-sales support, training and servicing.

The project will:

  • Deliver 1.6MW of installed solar generation capacity
  • Reach 16,000 households
  • Employ and train 70 youths for distribution and marketing, with at least 50% being female
  • Expand retail/support presence with centers in 5 towns
  • Expand marketing campaign
  • Expand Goat4kWh and PayGoat, an innovative financing arrangement, designed specifically for nomadic pastoralists, whose families make up 60% of the population.
  • Product certification (i.e. Lighting Global Solar Home System Kit Quality Assurance)
  • Refine CRM/ERP

Our approach is technology and payment method agnostic. We choose the component suppliers with reliability of lead times, quality and warranty to deliver; with 5 payment options and we allow the client to make the most informed decision about which payment method is most suited to them. This enables us to be flexible and incredibly scalable; in less than 2 years we have reached 3000+ households and installed 310 kWp.

Our initial development phase has demonstrated that providing an integrated service energy access, improved and sustained development outcomes can be achieved through this approach.