Somalia has one of the lowest electrification rates and the most expensive electricity tariffs in the world. Most of the population that has access are connected to privately-owned, diesel-fired mini-grids, contributing to climate change and localized air pollution. To summarise, the incumbent options are wholly inadequate to improve energy access, economic empowerment and mitigate climate change.

Power OffGrid, designs, installs, services and finances RE solutions, perfectly tailored to the Somalian market. Combined with training local youth to distribute, install and maintain, the delivery model reduces the total cost of ownership/connection and operation and connects some of the region’s most hard-to-reach households.

Power OffGrid has provided energy access to over 3000 households through portable solutions, solar home systems and mini-grids. The company has increased revenue to over $180k per annum and with the current pipeline, this is anticipated to grow to over $500k per annum per the end of the project.